Zenagen Hair Loss Benefits of Scalp Massage

Massage for hair loss, does it help?

zenagen scalp benefitsCan massage be a great tool for promoting new, healthy hair growth and preventing thinning is scalp massage?

Zenagen hair loss experts weigh in on an often neglected process of hair loss therapy, scalp massage. Anyone can practice this technique at home. With regular use it can dramatically turn around hair loss. Why does it help? What are the benefits of scalp massage for hair loss?

Encouraging Hair Growth

Massage is a simple, yet powerful method for increasing well-being, even with the health of hair. Massaging the scalp increases blood circulation. Greater blood flow introduces more nutrients to the cells of hair follicles. This increase in nutrition is just what the hair requires for optimal growth. Hair roots become stronger, there is less breakage, and new growth is stimulated.

There are more benefits of scalp massage for hair loss. Aside from stimulating growth, it can also help to remove dry skin on the scalp, otherwise known as dandruff. The dry skin cells can clog hair follicles, inhibiting growth. Regular massage can help to reduce dandruff, thereby eliminating one of the potential causes of thinning.

Scalp Massage with Conditioning Oils

To make scalp massage even more beneficial for hair loss, try using a massage oil. [Want to see how much ingredients matter? (Read about Zenagen’s Ingredients and how they fight hair loss, at Zenagen Ingredient Page to learn more about hair loss ingredient benefits).  Nutritional oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and grape seed oil all provide softening essential fatty acids to strengthen the hair shaft and to moisturize the scalp. They also contain antioxidants to protect hair follicle cells from free radical damage. Warm three tablespoons of oil by placing in a glass bowl and setting over very hot water. Add three to four drops of a stimulating, anti-bacterial essential oil to the massage oil, such as peppermint or rosemary, for an even more therapeutic effect.

Comb the massage oil through the hair, focusing on the roots. Spend three to five minutes massaging the oil into the scalp, starting at the top of the forehead and working back towards the base of the skull. Do this in the morning before washing hair to help treat hair loss and boost hair health.

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