Hair Club For Men Makes Outragous Offer To Help Oil Spill In Gulf

We don’t like companies who bash their competitors or industry partners in order to get attention or try to make a point, and we don’t do it, but this is the hardest hair loss related story to not have some thoughts on. We aren’t hating on the effort (hey it got our attention and yours) so I guess we should be saluting Hair Club for an outrageous PR topic.

Hair Club is a large successful company, they have a solid business plan, solid history, and solid financials. They have almost 100 hair restoration centers and more in the works and they know their way around the hair loss industry. Its not the same company that many people associate with in the early days. That is another topic altogether.

Today Hair Club released a press release stating that they are donating hair clippings to help clean up the oil spill in the gulf. Hair Clippings! We are all for helping stop this enviromentle catastrophe and we guess anything helps, and since hair clippings are natural, biodegradable, can absorb alot of oil in comparison to its weight, it is plausible that it may help, until you think about how large the oil spill is.

Lets say the average head of hair (80-100k hairs) could absorb a pint (16 ounces Which is a huge stretch but for simplicity sake) it would take 8 heads of hair (800k hairs) to absorb 1 gallon of oil. So far there has been an estimated 4 million gallons of oil spilled into the gulf.

To asbsorb that much oil, it will take (4,ooo,ooo gallons of oil * 100k hairs to absorb 1/8th of a gallon of oil * 8 pints/gallon = 3,200,000,000,000 hairs (3.2 trillion hairs) or about 10,000 hairs from every person in America.

Ridiculous. To see the ridiculous article in its entirety click here

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