Hair Loss Survey: Bald Guys Look Like Miley Cyrus Fans

Hey Bald Dude Are You A Miley Cyrus Fan?

miley cyrus hair loss study

miley cyrus hair loss study

This is a survey that was published way back in 2009 on peoples perceptions of people with hair loss and likes and dislikes. Hair loss shampoo Zenagen polled 358 women and their perceptions of photos of men with hair loss. Some of the more humorous results from this survey include that men with hair appear to watch more reality t.v. than their bald headed cohorts (with ABC’s the bachelor taking tops?), and the favorite (at least to us) that bald men are perceived as being bigger Miley Cyrus fans vs their mane headed compadres. Couple highlights of the hair loss study:

  • Bald men appear more likely to be good fathers
  • Having hair means that your perceived as more likely to good Scrabble players (61% vs. 34%)
  • Men with hair loss perceived to be a better tipper

To read more about the survey and its entirety click to Zenagen hair loss shampoo perception study pdf version.

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