Hair Restoration Surgery Costs


Hair Restoration Surgery Costs

You may be facing hair loss, and contemplating a follicular hair transplant. However, just one factor is dragging you behind. The hair restoration cost.

hair-loss-surgery-costs-celeb-hair-loss-1So is it expensive?

Well, you very much have the option to go for an affordable hair restoration. And that too without compromising on the quality. The cost depends on various factors like the clinic, its location, etc.

Hair restoration – A cost-effective method

Certainly nobody can call hair restoration to be a cheap process. But on the flip side, it is certainly a cost-effective process. Why? Because, it offers you a permanent solution for your hair problem.

One might argue that medicinal treatment of hair loss is a cheaper option. Yes, it is apparently so. However, the picture will be different if you calculate the total amount of money spent on medicinal treatment and hair transplant procedure. Why? Because you have to spend money on medicinal treatment for over a long period.

Factors affecting hair restoration cost

hair-loss-surgery-costs-celeb-hair-lossThere are several factors that affect the surgery cost. For example, the choice of the clinic. There are some clinics that charge per graft implantation, while some others charge even for anesthesia. Clinics follow two types of methods to measure the total cost of hair transplantation surgery – cost per follicular unit transplanted and cost per hair restoration operation. In the first approach the number of grafts can directly affect the surgery cost. In this approach the more grafts used the more costly the operation is. A number of US and Canadian hair transplantation centers offer cost-effective surgery with cost per hair restoration surgery.

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