How to Braid Thinning Hair


How to Braid Hair and Thinning Hair

how-to-braid-hair-french-braid-hair-loss-celeb-hair-loss-2Hair braiding is an old method of maintaining hair used by women. There are many hair braiding styles used in various countries. English braid, French braid, Dutch braid and fishtail styles are some of the hair braiding styles. These styles can be used on formal occasions like wedding or on casual occasions. With little practice one can become quite good at braiding hair.

how-to-braid-hair-french-braid-hair-loss-celeb-hair-loss-4You need some necessary things before going for braiding hair. The things needed include a wide-tooth comb and a rubber band or ponytail holder. If you feel that braiding should be done on damp hair then you should have a bottle spray of water.
In the case of dry or fine hair it is better to use some kind of gel or spray on hair before braiding hair as it would be convenient then.

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