Tanning And Hair Loss: How UV Rays Can Damage Your Hair

There are a whole lot of people that love natural and unnatural sun tanning. There are times that sun can actually help the skin and bones, but only in very small amounts (15 minutes not between 10am-2pm in case you were wondering).

The proliferation of Jersey Shore wanna be’s. (We are in South Florida, and there are frequent Jersey Shore sightings as they are currently filming here).

So what are the effects of sunlight (ultraviolet radiation UVA UVB rays) on the skin and hair as it pertains to hair?

There are a couple of interesting studies out of Germany and China on this very topic and here is a synopsis. Your scalp is like any other skin and UV rays damage skin so it makes sense that UV rays on your scalp is not great. And that linear logic is correct.

Journal of Investigative Dermatology published an article in January of 2009 with findings provided by the Department of Dermatology at the University of L├╝beck in Germany and by Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Both are researching the effects of excessive exposure to UV Radiation (UVR) and have found UVR to be one of the most harmful environmental influences on human skin.

UVA hair loss damage. UVA is very high-energy radiation, it doesn’t penetrate far but it does extensive damage to your skin close to the surface. UVA acts primarily by making free radicals which multiply and attack proteins and other key parts of your skin, causing many cells to die and lose cohesion between the structural layers. The inflammation caused by free radicals is uncomfortable which is why you get “sunburn”, but this is the most minor symptom- UVA damage can lead to permanent wrinkles, scars, and worst of all can damage cellular DNA causing skin cancer.

Make sure to remember to protect your head and hair when your out in the sun or doing alot of tanning. Zenagen Hair Loss Shampoo contains natural compounds shown to be effective against UV radiation.

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