What Happened To Hugh Laurie’s (House MD) Hair & Hair Loss?

Hugh Laurie (House MD) Hair Loss

What Happened To Hugh Laurie’s (House MD) Hair?

Lately, when watching House episodes, I have noticed that Hugh Laurie’s hair is thinning. I’ve seen video of him on the red carpet and various magazines and celebrity gossip websites, and his hair is really thinning. He has always worn his hair short, but recently, the top of his head has looked extremely thin. During more recent House episodes, the camera tends to stay away from the top of his head, almost to avoid showing his baldness. I saw the trailer for the new season of House, and his hair is cut very, very short. This is possibly to hide his balding even more.  Has anyone else noticed this?

I guess even celebrities have trouble with hair loss.  Sometimes I forget that celebrities face the same issues or insecurities that every other person in the world has to face. Even with all the money that celebrities, aka Hugh Laurie, make, they still have to face hair loss. Regardless of his thinning hair, Hugh Laurie will always be successful actor. House is an awesome show, and I know I will keep watching… even as Hugh’s hair keeps on disappearing!

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