Can Hair Loss Affect Job Applicants?

Hair loss and job attractiveness. Is there a difference in hiring practices for people that are bald?

In the book ” Do Pretty People Earn More?” written by Kate Lorenz from, it’s stated that ordinary people or those considered “homely” earn up to 20% less than their more attractive counterparts. Essentially this is stating that it pays more to look good.

Polls often show that both men and women feel hair loss creates a disadvantage in business, daily life and romance. Socially, hair loss has been considered a detriment but only recently did it become considered an impediment to career advancement.

Other publications have made mention of the relevance of looking good and career advancement including “Why Beauty Matters” from the American Economic Review and “The Beauty Bounty” from Harvard Magazine. Both essentially state that workers considered to be more attractive receive increased wages of 5-15% more than those with below-average looks.

A study by the Emmid Institute in Munich concluded that men who are balding have a decreased chance of getting a position when compared to men with hair.

These concerns are consistent with a 2006 survey conducted by The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.  The ISHRS reported that 77% of adults would be concerned if they were at the beginning of their career and began to experience noticeable hair loss.

There is an association with hair loss, aging and loss of virility, which can result in lack of self-esteem and a negative self image.

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