Is Funny Man Daniel Tosh Experiencing Hair Loss?

daniel tosh hair loss photo losing his hair going baldDaniel Tosh Hair Loss?

Is funny man comedy central comedian Daniel Tosh experiencing hair loss? Answer: Nope

Celebrity hair loss seems to be an interest for tabloid magazines and in this celebrity obsessed world some people find solace in outing celebrities experiencing hair loss. Up and coming low B list comedian Daniel Tosh (His words not ours) recently came back to his home state of Florida for live comedy shows.

The Tosh 2.0 comedy central show recently was given a contract extension and he is currently on tour (The Daniel Tosh 2010 tour ticket information can be found here at 2010 Tour)

Some people may have seen early clips from Daniel Tosh’s comedy central special and later some of his early Tosh 2.0 episodes and noticed him sporting visibly shorter hair. Some of the Zenagen people were fortunate to attend one of his recent live shows and are happy to report Mr. Tosh has a full head of hair and is not experiencing hair loss. His hair line seems as solid as his ability to make people laugh/offend.

If Mr. Tosh was balding though, he of course would be advised to use Zenagen, the best shampoo for hair loss.

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